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Términos y condiciones de entrega

Return Terms and Conditions
In order to enable smooth handling of returns in your own interests, we request that you observe the following terms and conditions.
1. Address and contact persons
1.1 Address for return shipments

AXRO Bürokommunikation Distribution Import Export GmbH
Schnackenburgallee 185
22525 Hamburg, Germany

1.2 Contact persons for RMA

    Anke Jürgens                         Christin Hoff
Tel.: +(49) 40 54 711-245    +(49) 40 54 711-246
Fax: +(49) 40 54 711-735    +(49) 40 54 711-746
e-mail: rma@axro.de                      rma@axro.de
2. General remarks on shipping
1.    Please be sure to label your return shipments with the RMA (return merchandise authorization) number, since the return shipment otherwise
       cannot be allocated properly or can be allocated properly only with substantial effort. You can obtain the RMA number from our online service
       section after entering your information.
2.    Please be sure to pack loose or open items adequately (e.g., toners must be packed separately, in dustproof packaging).

3. Acceptance of returned goods by AXRO

3.1 Principle

Please bear in mind that as a basic principle, we can accept return shipments of goods from our customers only if we are legally obligated to accept them, particularly if we have supplied a defective product (in case of a warranty claim) or if we have supplied incorrect goods not ordered by the Customer.

3.2 Acceptance of returns out of goodwill

If we accept returned goods without being legally obligated to do so, we do so purely out of goodwill and without acknowledging any legal obligation. We expressly reserve the right to return goods that have been returned to us and that we are not obligated to accept to the Customer at the Customer’s expense or to bill the Customer for costs we incur in handling these goods.
We will not under any circumstances accept any returned goods that we are not obligated to accept if these goods:

a) are not saleable, for example because the goods and/or their packaging are damaged, bear adhesive markings, or have been written on;
b) are subject to an expiration date less than twelve months in the future;
c) were purchased specifically for the Customer; or
d) were delivered to the Customer more than four weeks before that time.

3.3 Acceptance of returns of incorrectly delivered, damaged, or defective goods

Insofar as we are obligated to accept returns, please note the following:

3.3.1 The quantity or nature of the goods delivered by us do not correspond to the goods you ordered

•    Please note that in the case of incorrect quantities, special documents may be required, such as a declaration made in lieu of an oath (eidesstattliche Erklärung) documenting the missing quantity.

3.3.2 Damage occurring in transit Visible (evident) damage occurring in transit

•    Please note that any visible damage should absolutely be confirmed and noted on the waybills of the forwarder or carrier when the delivery of damaged goods is accepted.
•    Visible damage should be reported online immediately to our service staff.
•    To be able to process your damage report effectively, we generally need the following information from you:

1.    Packing slip/invoice number
2.    Damaged items
3.    Pictures of damage
4.    Copy of delivery document, with duplicate

In our experience, our insurer rejects claims for visible damage occurring in transit if no notation is made on the shipping documents. Hidden damage occurring in transit

•    Please report damage occurring in transit that is not immediately visible and is not identified until after a detailed inspection of the package or the pallet to our service staff online without delay.
•    To be able to process your damage report effectively, we generally need the following information from you:

1.    Packing slip/invoice number
2.    Damaged items
3.    Pictures of damage
4.    Copy of delivery document
3.3.3 Defective goods

In the event of a warranty claim, please state all of the necessary information in our online tool. You will then receive a return slip with an RMA number. This slip facilitates our processing of your complaint. Please be sure to enclose the return slip with the RMA number with your return shipment. Goods are returned “delivered free” (frei Haus).

In order to process your complaint, it is moreover necessary to enclose documentation with the shipment showing the error or defect in the goods (e.g., test printouts, error logs, SMC log).

All items must be packed securely (e.g., goods that can spill out must absolutely be packed in dust-proof packaging).

Goods that are not subject to warranty claims will be available for you to pick up for 14 days.